CLOCKWORLD is a game focusing on moral-based decision-making within a narrative context. A qualitative and emotional story was important for us.

Strong stuff: We are dealing with themes like homophobia, gender segregation, abuse of power, the divide between rich and poor, etc. – always with attendance of some black humor.

The player is leaded down the garden path. We have designed a plot that establishes expectations in one players mind and then shatters them again and again. To decide freely leads to a better result.


CLOCKWORLD is a world made of a clockwork broken into thousands of pieces many years ago.

Since then, horrible natural disasters are occuring in a cyclus of hundred years and reducing the populace of the world isles, where several subcultures have found place.

Although these cultures had no communication to one another, they had a common understanding of the occurences: The Gods in the worlds core have abandoned them.

Aro - the protagonist - just wants to solve the mystery of his grandfathers murder, but the secrets of the world dragging him more and more away. He's followed by an uncanny presence.

The World


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